Key Precious Metals for Balancing Portfolio



The Ultimate Precious Metals Diversity Portfolio

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Diversity Checklist:

✅  Completed 1st Purchase at United States Gold Bureau.

Do You Own…

  • International Coins❓
  • Investment Grade Coins❓
  • Pre 33 / 65 Coins❓
  • Precious Metals Bullion❓

International Coins

Globally Recognized 

  • Great value with lower premiums
  • United States Gold Bureau offers popular coins from around the globe

Investment Grade

Portfolio Balancer 

  • Long-term preservation of wealth
  • Value is based on rarity rather than weight
  • Historical price appreciation and less volatility than bullion

Pre 33 / 65 Coins

Historically Treasured 

  • Pre-1965 U.S. Silver Coins
  • Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins
  • These coins are extremely desirable to collectors and investors

Precious Metals Bullion

Bars, Coins, and Rounds

  • Lowest precious metals premium
  • Value is primarily based on weight
  • Market index price is called the “spot price”

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**Discount valid on your next purchase of $8,000 or more in certified Investment Grade Coins. Expires 30 days from receipt and may not be combined with other offers. Other terms and conditions may apply. Valid on phone orders only.
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Registered With The State

For more than a decade, The U.S. Gold Bureau has been registered as an official Precious Metals Dealer with the State Of Texas, Department of Public Safety, and Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

U.S. Mint Authorized

The U.S. Gold Bureau is an authorized bulk purchaser of numismatic coins from the U.S. Mint and is a trusted seller of bullion coins and bars from the U.S. Mint and other sovereign mints and top-tier refiners in the U.S. and around the world.

Federally Compliant

The U.S. Gold Bureau complies with the rules and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the top associations and governing bodies of the precious metals industry. We conduct our business and handle each and every transaction in an ethical manner.

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